Understanding your remortgage needs

Are you looking to remortgage your home? Maybe you have a portfolio of properties and need help with mortgage planning. Perhaps you just want to understand what the remortgage process looks like. How far ahead you should start thinking about remortgaging?

Our independent mortgage adviser will take the time to understand your needs and walk you through the remortgage process. Whether you simply want a better deal, you’re borrowing more for a project, or to repay other debts – our mortgage broker will tailor the solution to suit your needs.


Independent mortgage advice from real people

We are whole of market independent mortgage brokers. This means we’re not tied to the banks and we analyse the whole market to ensure you’re getting the best deal. We have access to a lot of lenders and we know which are most likely to help you. Your property might need a specialist lender if it wasn’t built from brick or stone; it might be a converted barn, or have a thatched roof, for example.

Perhaps your complex income arrangements mean you need a lender who accepts contractors, freelancers or the newly self-employed with only one year’s accounts. We’ll save you time and hassle because we know which lenders have the flexibility to accept you, your situation and your property.


Could you save money by remortgaging now?

Is your mortgage already on Standard Variable Rate (SVR)? If so, it’s very likely we can save you money as these rates tend to be less competitive.  We’ll find the right products from the very best mortgage deals.

Get in touch with our independent mortgage adviser – we’d be happy to help. We specialise in providing services in Brighton and Hove, Shoreham, Sussex and London, and we have clients nationally.