Making a will – have you thought about it yet?

Things We Don’t Like to Think About

As we’re nearing Christmas and slowly switching off from work and daily to-do lists, we focus more on our family and those who matter to us. I’m definitely looking forward to putting my feet up for a few days and building Lego sets with my boys.

It’s also a time of year that makes me think of those who aren’t around anymore and, albeit an unnerving thought, I can’t help but worry about ‘what would happen if…’

Making a Will

I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve not had a will written until recently, and having two little kids to provide for, this just wasn’t on. When it comes to making a will, I wasn’t too sure where to start – will making online and free will making are some options out there but once you start looking into it, it’s pretty mind boggling.

Luckily, I came across Will Power Worthing Ltd who have taken me through the process step-by-step and explained everything I needed to know and what the implications of different options are.

Who needs a will?

This experience made me think of you – my clients. I know many of you don’t have an up to date will. And most people don’t even have a properly drafted trust and lasting power of attorney – or don’t know they could/should have them and what they mean. There’s a trend for online or low cost will writing, which often may not provide what you need, without you even knowing it!

Recent changes to legislation mean that even if you’ve made your will, you should have it reviewed regularly to ensure it’s up to date with current law.

I was surprised to hear that, if you don’t have your own will, the government makes one for you, meaning there is no guarantee that your estate will go to the people you would have chosen.

A will makes it much easier, and potentially much quicker for your family and friends to sort everything out when you die, and according to your wishes. Wills can reduce the amount of inheritance tax that might be payable. Writing a will is especially important if you have children or other family who depend on you financially.

Will writing with Will Power Worthing

Will Power Worthing are south coast’s premier wills, trusts and lasting power of attorney specialists and can provide you with the best advice for your circumstances and wishes. The impact of not having the correct documents drafted could be so immense for you and your families and beneficiaries. Will Power Worthing take the confusion away and leave you in confidence your wishes will be respected when the time comes.

I was so impressed with the service they provided that I can highly recommend them to all of my clients who are thinking of writing a will or updating your existing will, power of attorney or trust documents.

How much does will writing cost?

This very much depends on what your will includes and what your overall requirements are. It really varies from a simple admin fee to a few hundred pounds if your circumstances are more demanding. However, their first meeting is free of charge and very informative, and there is no obligation to take their advice.

Will making – over to you

You can find out more about the services provided by Will Power Worthing as well as read the many reviews left on their website. If you’d rather talk to me first about it, I’d be happy to help, and even introduce you to them. Just get in touch with me and I can explain a bit more, and then put you in touch with Will Power Worthing

Will Writing, Trusts, Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning advice are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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This post was written by Steve Moses